A Shout Out to Cameron and Anita

That wonderful duo, Cameron and Anita from Married With Dinner popped into Union last night, which for me turned an otherwise unremarkable Labor Day Friday night into something special. I was lucky enough to borrow them from Murray and the Zig Zag crowd for a couple hours and they humored me by sampling a few new cocktails I'm experimenting with, providing incredibly useful commentary and ideas on how to refine them. I've never considered myself very talented when it comes to inventing new cocktails, preferring instead to concentrate on educating myself (and my guests) on forgotten and under-ordered classics. I have to admit, I was a little nervous, same as when Murray or Kacy happen to pop up at the bar. They are, of course, very gracious and fun to talk with, and I'll definitely take them up on their offer to tour San Fran's bars (as much fun as it is to have them at the bar, I imagine it'll be even more fun to be on the other side of the bar with them).

Thanks again for popping in, Anita and Cameron.


keith waldbauer said...

p.s. I took your suggestion for the rose cocktail, calling it now the Pistola Rosa. The Aperol drink, not sure, but thinking of calling it a Verona.

Anita (Married... with dinner) said...

We had so much fun meeting you and hanging out at the bar last night. Sorry we didn't stick around longer -- a night with Eric from Underhill Lounge followed by a night with the ZZ crew left us exhausted.

Love the pistola rosa name; the Verona is lovely and we can't wait to make one at home. We've been thinking about a "red vermouth family" post, so this may be our excuse.

Hope we'll see you in SF soon; tell Ethan and Hans to give you some paid time off for menu research. :)