Well, Howdy AOL Readers

Just want to take a moment to welcome AOL food and drink blog readers to my darkened and frequently neglected corner of the internet.

For the five or six of you who read this site regularly, let me announce that my friend Kat Kinsman has brought me aboard as a contributor to AOL and their food and drink blog site. Should be great. I believe we're calling the column Raising the Bar (har!!).

Essentially, the gist is to give readers ideas on how to expand their repertoire when they walk into a bar.

And for that, I'll be playing the bartender.

I raise a Sazerac in your direction, my friends. I encourage you to peruse the cocktail blog sites listed on the left. They are the best of their kind; all of them are brilliantly written and chock full of knowledge. Good people to boot. Welcome to our little subculture, the drinks are great here.


(ah, Jeffrey has pointed out how useful it would be for me to post a link. Doh!!! Smart guy, that Jeffrey. You can find the first post here, along with a familiar shot of my smarmy mug).


Jeffrey Morgenthaler said...

Hey, do we get a link to check out, or is this only for AOL people?

keith waldbauer said...

Ha!! Yeah, that'd be useful wouldn't it. I tagged it onto the bottom as an addendum. That's what I get for blogging when I'm rushing out the door.

Kat K. said...

I'm thinking "Keith Waldbauer: America's Bartender". We'll get everyone one the side of all that is rye and good, dammit. My ulterior motive, of course, is that as a result on your teachings, I will never again have to specify "GIN gimlet" or "GIN martini". Godspeed, my friend. And I just put you as the feature on the front page of Food. Teach the children (uh, those over 21, of course) well.

keith waldbauer said...

Oh no.

keith waldbauer said...

Not America's Bartender. PUHLEEEZE. A). I could never live up to that and B). I'll get justifiably made fun of for, like, ever...

Cheers, Kat. We're gonna have some fun.