Silver Lining

I have a new favorite cocktail, just in time for my birthday. I got this one from the 2006 edition of Food and Wine Cocktails, an annual roundup of new cocktails from top bartenders and bars from around the U.S. The bar and bartender? Joseph Schwartz of Little Branch. The combination of rye, Licor 43 and egg white appealed to me, and in this case, it tasted even better than I thought it would.

Silver Lining

1 1/2 oz rye (I used Rittenhouse 100 proof)
3/4 oz Licor 43
3/4 oz fresh lemon juice
1 egg white
2 oz club soda

Shake the bejeezus out of everything, aside from the soda, and strain into an ice-filled collins glass. Top with soda water a little bit at a time as the foam rises quickly.

Hooo boy, this is tasty, one of the better new cocktails I've had in some time, and it's going on the menu as soon as possible. Think lemonade, meringue and custard without being sweet. Think rye along with that....

Ah, about Licor 43... this is a Spanish liquer composed of 43 different herbs and spices. Vanilla comes out most prominently. If you happen to have Licor 43 gathering dust in your liquor cabinet for whatever reason, give this one a shot.


Anonymous said...

I can't stop making these since you recommended it to me - really lovely drink.

I'm jealous of the frothy head you managed though. I think I need to start working out, my weedy arms aren't strong enough to shake as hard as I need to.

keith waldbauer said...

jeez, jay, i only posted this last night... how many have you had already : )

i experienced the same thing. made one, then several more for regular guests, then made one for myself after work, something i never do post-shift....then showed our other bartender, drank that one then promptly sat on the other side of the bar and ordered another. this one is addicting, and glad the bug bit you as well.

oh yeah, i drank the one in the photo as well.

Dr. Bamboo said...

I'm in. Amazingly, Licor 43 is widely availble here, so I've got no excuse!

Anonymous said...

ha, i see you got the piscean on the menu! happy bday : )