A Brief Moment of Sobriety

As some of you may know, I do some blogging at AOL. I just put up a post recently which I'd also intended to put up here. As writers who write about drinks, I think it is also imperative to mention the very real consequences of the alcoholic jewels we rave about, even as just a gentle reminder not to enjoy these gems a little too much. Despite all the media that has been devoted to the perils of drinking and driving or even over-consumption, the statistics still show an alarming amount of incidents involving alcohol. Some might point to declining fatality stats as a sign of progress, but my answer to that would be to point out the window on the corner of 1st and Union outside our restaurant late on a Friday or Saturday night.

In other words, be safe out there this New Years.

Okay, okay...

Has it really been that long since I posted something? Really? September? Well, I'm settling in to my new digs, finally, and do have a backlog of cocktails, rants and miscellaneous stuff to share. I promise, some new stuff is on the way.

In fact, I'll make it my New Years resolution...I'll get started...um, tomorrow.

Have a happy and safe New Years, everyone.