What a Long Strange Trips It's Been

Well, I missed the party this Monday, and I never miss a good party, especially when it's thrown by people who know their way around the sauce. And for the second month in a row I managed to squeak out three measly posts and have barely had time to read through my favorite blogs.

So what's up? Plenty, my friends, plenty.

The weather's been great, the Mariners are in playoff contention, I 'pulled a Waldbauer' and dropped my digital camera (so no pics for a bit), a family reunion in Oregon, extra days tending bar, family dropping into town, my 20th year high school reunion (sheesh), brainstorming ideas to improve the bar and update the cocktail menu at Union, planning my wedding, studying and plotting the cocktail books I'm writing, trying to quit smok. . . woops, what was that????

Did I say wedding? Yup. I'm happy to announce that Christine and I have gotten engaged!!! After three and a half years, I finally get to call her my fiancé.

Right now we're planning on a Caribbean beach wedding (I'm just gone on the idea of a barefoot, tropical beach reception, whooping it up with some aged rum and a steel pan band in the background). And I wish I could invite every one of you, but since space is limited for us down there, I'll have to find another way to share a round of drinks with my favorite drinkers.

Oh, how about an engagement party?

Keep your ears open in the next month (in other words, once I can catch my breath), I'll be announcing an engagement cocktail party similiar to the Mixology Monday events, and you're all invited. Theme? I'm open to suggestions, but I have a few ideas.

Oh, and Dr. Bamboo, just wanted you to know I celebrated my engagement with . . . ta da! A gin and tonic. (and having just finished reading your recent post, I toast your newborn and your new life as a father with one as well)


Gabriel said...

Sounds great, Keith! Always good to see you in print again and congrats! It sounds like a blast you're planning.

Jay Hepburn said...

Good to see you back. Congratulations on the engagement!

Rocky said...

Congratulations man! Wonderful news!

Anita said...

Congrats on the engagement. I can't wait for the party :D

keith waldbauer said...

thanks gang.

Dr. Bamboo said...

Awesome! Congratulations! The Bamboo Babe and I are closing in on 13 *gasp* years, and I'm a far better man for having known her all this time.

You also reminded me...'08 will be my 20 year high school reunion too (assuming my class has one).

Gin & tonic right back atcha!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Keith & Chris! Brent and I love you guys. Thanks for putting us up/up with us and FINALLY taking us to Zig Zag. It was fun to go and a pleasure to meet Murray and watch him work. God bless you two!