A Brief Moment of Sobriety

As some of you may know, I do some blogging at AOL. I just put up a post recently which I'd also intended to put up here. As writers who write about drinks, I think it is also imperative to mention the very real consequences of the alcoholic jewels we rave about, even as just a gentle reminder not to enjoy these gems a little too much. Despite all the media that has been devoted to the perils of drinking and driving or even over-consumption, the statistics still show an alarming amount of incidents involving alcohol. Some might point to declining fatality stats as a sign of progress, but my answer to that would be to point out the window on the corner of 1st and Union outside our restaurant late on a Friday or Saturday night.

In other words, be safe out there this New Years.


Anonymous said...

My son was an attractive young man. He joined the Navy and did well up to a time. When out he became a full alcholic. He actually was released from the Navy as an alcholic after several tries to cure him or curb him....I don't know the answer for him. He is lost as lost can be...I pray that he never gets into a car! I ask for your prayers as well...Drinking is bad...there is not a safe way to drink...one never knows when one can really stop...it can get away from you before you know it..

Dr. Bamboo said...

Glad to see you back Keith! Looking forward to more bloggy goodness.